We are the Irish agents for Pezzaioli livestock trailers. Manufactured in the North of Italy Pezzaioli are Europes largest livestock trailer manufacturer producing 480 units per year.Trailers and truck bodies can be tailor designed to your requirements by us. We stock all Pezzaioli spare parts and specialise in livestock trailer repairs and modifications.

Some of the different Pezzaioli models available include:

  • Step frame 3×3. This is the original and most common design. Suitable for 3 decks of pigs or calfs and 2 decks of cows.
  • Lorry and drag outfit. Lorry and drags are perfect for a lot of Irish work as they are very versatile. Due to the extra length allowed they also gain some extra floor space.
  • Close couple trailers/centre axle trailers. These trailers are coupled usually about 1mt from the towing lorry. This combination will give the most sq meter of floor space while remaining easy to reverse and manoeuvre.
  • Straight frame – fixed roof – lifting roof as used by many pig farmers in Ireland. Straight frame trailers are designed to be easy and fast to use. Time can be saved filling,unloading and washing these trailers as it is one continuous lift.
  • Multi lift trailers – The ultimate in versatility and safety. These trailers are split up into individual lifting boxes.
  • Fixed floor trailers